Inversion Spinal Therapy, Osteopathic Alignment, Yoga Swing, Hammock Relaxation and Fun!

You may have heard about inverting to assist and heal poor spinal alignment.. Inversion Spinal Therapy, Gravity Boots, Inversion Table, the Yoga Swing or even the OmGym... Discovering that hanging upside down is excellent rehab for Scoliosis, at first starting with gravity boots as a child on the recommendation of my orthopedic surgeon, then heard about the OmGym in 2006 and ordered one as soon as I saw their website... Telling every one I knew about the benefits of the Yoga Swing, showcasing and offering sessions at my yoga studio Ananada Yoga in Coquitlam BC Canada, I was and still am so excited about the benefits this product provides. Eventually I made contacts in Indonisia where the swing in manufactured and distibuted, I designed a lable and purchased my first shipment... Now living in Nosara, Costa Rica hosting yoga retreats and trainings, come Zwing and surf with me in this lush tropical paradise!